Sex Tips

Get to Know Your “Gateway to Heaven and Hell”

It’s difficult to just mention the male perineum without some new agey Taoist mumbo jumbo. Call me an old-fashioned queer, but I prefer to talk about this amazing erogenous zone in accessible terms and with more of a secular (and pleasurable) vocabulary.

Giving Her a Hand

Handjob, fingering, vaginal massage, and the ever-charming “fingerbang” – there’s many ways to say manual stimulation of a vulva, but in my experience, a few tricks and important things to consider have certainly done the job. And do it well.

Queering Your Sex Life: Discover Your Inner-Lesbian

What is it with men’s fascination with lesbian sex? Is it all just objectification of women? If so, why wouldn’t we just continue watching porn or objectify women in any particular setting? Why does "woman-on-woman" turn us on so much? I believe there’s something more to do with our attraction to lesbian sex than meets the eye.

Mythbusters #1: Men and Vibrators

The simple fact remains that vibrators vibrate. And vibrations, whatever packaging they come in, generally feel good on all erectile tissues, regardless of who they belong to.

So You Want To Be a Spanker (or Spankee)!

S/M, and kink in general, has a complicated relationship with masculinity. Those who want to submit to a partner can feel like they are surrendering some of their manhood and that wanting to be tied up and controlled makes them less of a man. Guys who want to administer sexy punishments to their loved one may be concerned about being too harsh, demeaning or sexist, especially if their partner is female. Kinky sex doesn’t have to carry a statement about your gender, or your gender politics, if you communicate with your sweetie and take a few things into consideration.

The Infamous Mr. ED

Your dick can be the canary in the coal mine when it comes to your health, so why not address the whole package?

A Pussy-Licking Primer

"The more comfortable you can make your partner, the more you can make her understand that you truly are so psyched to lick her pussy, the more comfortable she will be and the more likely she will be to enjoy the whole event and even (possibly) have an orgasm."

Butt Sex for Skittish Dudes

"When it comes to butt play, men are truly lucky... The feeling men get from stimulating their prostate gland, or P-spot, has been compared to the deep pleasure G-spot stimulation can bring a woman."

What is a cockring?

Ask and ye shall receive.

Your dick, in a nutshell.

"Yes, gentlemen, how you masturbate is going to affect how you fuck. Just like how you exercise is going to affect your physical abilities."

Beyond KY and hand lotion: Lubes for the modern man

It seems like porn these days is rife with hot nude porn stars spitting on each other. Spitting on pussies and cocks, spitting on assholes. What's with all the spitting? Much like the Bible, porn shouldn't be taken literally.

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