Toy Review: the Nexus G-Rider

Overall I was very pleased with the Nexus G-rider. It was able to massage my prostate differently then other more traditional shaped dildos and vibrators. The easy of cleaning and it requiring AAA batteries rather then watch batteries is another plus.

The Grandmama of them all, Hitachi

The Grandmama of them all, the Hitachi, is one of the most consistent pleasurable experiences I've ever had. Every man should have one of these ready to go on his nightstand!

Porn Review! Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality gave me a huge mental boner, and something quite stiff in my pants as well. Madison Young has made a well-awaited step into portraying queer cis male desires and passions. Bravo! I look forward to more upcoming projects.

Njoy Fun

Njoy your P-spot with the Fun Wand! Massage your prostate with this solid, stainless steel craft from Njoy. If you’ve never explored the orgasmic power of your P-spot, this is the toy!

Stroke 29

To cut right to the chase, this is probably my favorite product in the entire place. Men, you need to buy this. To put it in perspective, I am so emphatic about this product that I actually purchase the “travel packs” of this stuff to give as gifts to my guy friends.

A love that just won’t quit: the Tenga Flip Hole

With the Flip Hole masturbator, Tenga has finally merged science with sleekness in something that is practically indistinguishable from the 25th century genitalia of an impossibly benevolent alien species. Thank you Japan.

The Civilized Man’s Vaseline – A Review for Please Stroke Cream

Please Stroke Cream is just exactly what a cream for masturbation should be. It is not a revelation in itself, being an assistant to such a familiar mode of getting off. But it is a capable assistant, smells great, and is downright hygienic and civilized compared to the alternatives. It is an excellent way to mix up your routine and get back to thrilling basics, or just help you do what you do best on a regular basis

Bo Cockring

A review of Bo -- the gentleman's cockring.

Looking for toy reviewers!

Do you have one of these items in your toy box? Or are you planning on buying one of them?

Carnal Consultant Review: Skippy

If you’re ready to take your anal play to the next level, then the Skippy may be just the thing for you. The box exclaims “This is no ordinary prostate exam!” and I have to admit I don’t recall having this much fun in the doctor's!

Carnal Consultant Review: Sidekick Jerk-Off Sleeve

"Jerking off with Sidekick is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to fucking an alien."

Carnal Consultant Review: Nexus Glide Prostate Stimulator

"I actually came over my own head. I mean, that’s amazing right?"

Condom Face-Off: Avanti vs. Lifestyles Skyn

"If you've ever gone hunting for a good, larger-sized latex condom, you know they're usually thicker than your favorite wool sweater. Yuck. Not so Lifestyles Skyn."

Blogger Review: Packing Strap!

A great video review of one of our best-selling products for trans men!

Blogger Review: Good Head and Cock Lasso

A fun review of two inexpensive and fun cock toys!

Staff Review: Ripley

"Ripley is a pure delight, for those who want to both have and eat their cake, or for anyone who wants a new ride for their butt to test drive."

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