Film Picks for Reeling Festival’s 30th! by Lucinda

Hello Risers! Today I've been musing over the selections for the 30th Annual Reeling Film Festival's selection of LGBTQ showings, and have decided to share some picks that portray the complexities of male/masculine genders and sexualities.

Boys Love to Fist, Too! A Fisting Day Round Up by Lucinda

Holy smokes! Shame on me for not posting for last week's International Fisting Day! What an important subject that is near and dear to my heart.

National Coming Out Day by Lucinda

Here at Early to Rise we wish you a happy national coming out day! We celebrate people of all genders, sizes, orientations and attractions. Whether it be your first day coming out, you know someone who's out, or you've been out for a long time, this day is for all of us to be proud, happy, and embracing.

First Rocker Sells Mold of His Cock by Lucinda

Hallelujah! Former drummer of Skid Row Phil Varone has just signed a deal with California Exotic Novelties opening up a new line of his sex toys. The former star on Celebrity Rehab is excited to get into it!

Support a Documentary for a Local Queer Sex Worker! by Lucinda

So after seeing Transitioning Through Sex Work at the first ever Chicago Sex Worker Film Fest, the star and performer Jay Very needs your support to complete his project! This is a solid piece of work that needs to be exposed to audiences across the world.

Chicago Sex Worker Film Festival by Lucinda

Tonight, and tomorrow! And... yesterday - shoot. Well, at least I'm getting this shout out to the two most action-packed days up for this event. Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago is hosting this three-day festival at the Everleigh Social Club on the near West Side of the Loop. Tickets are $10 donations and support SWOP-Chicago.

The End is Queer by Lucinda

On August 20, Queerpocalypse will take stage at the Abbey Pub on Elston Ave and Grace St. As a (mostly) frequenter of queer dance parties, social events, and the like, this is going to be BIG.

Gay Barbarians Demand to be Disciplined by Marcus Bachmann by Lucinda

Today a horde of gay barbarians descended upon Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “pray away the gay” clinic and demanded that Marcus come out and discipline them for their “deviant” behavior.

Male Submission and Art by Lucinda

As some of you may of saw on our sister site, Early to Bed, this art site was posted up on the blog by Julia - but boy oh boy do I love many of these photographs on Male Submission Art as well!

ONE Condoms: Tough, Cute and Comfy by Lucinda

So, my favorite condom to use is, without a doubt, ONE.

Ashton and Demi: Two Soggy Sexperts by Lucinda

Wow, am I the only one getting antsy at this renewed kind of look at sex trafficking? Quite a splendor of passionate opinion, if I do say so myself.

So long, $pread by Lucinda

Sad day. Today was the last day to file a request for a back issue of $pread Magazine before it closes down for good. We've carried this magazine for a while now at Early to Bed -- check out if there are any back issues in the store -- and for a good reason: $pread has been vital to sex worker visibility, services, activism, and community. It will be sorely missed.

Mixed Feelings on “Low T” Ads by Lucinda

Hey, guys. Feeling moody? Irritable? Low energy? Any other yucky effeminizing symptoms? You may be normal, but you also might have low testosterone.

Ready to Pride Out? by Lucinda

As many of us know, Pride festivals are happening all over the country during the last weekend of June. Here in Chicago, folks at Early to Rise and Early to Bed want you to drop in to have a great, queertastic time! (During and after!)

Girlfriend Films Promotes Monthly Charity by Lucinda

So, every month, the folks at Girlfriend Films, those who make solid, authentic lesbian porn, donates about a grand every month to a charitable organization. Not only that, but it's up to one of the performers to pick a cause -- the only condition being one that grades a "B+" or higher according to the American Institute of Philanthropy.

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