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One Little Thing, Honey… or Telling Her You’re Kinky

Congratulations, not just for your budding relationship, but for being conscious of your sexual desires. Do not listen to your friends who say that you need psychological help. Being kinky is not a mental illness!

The Other Way In: Making Anal Work

Anal sex has so many possibilities, and yet is prey to so many misconceptions. There are still people out there that believe that anal isn’t something straight people do — at least not respectable straight people. Luckily more and more straight men and women are curious about experimenting with anal, both boy-on-girl and girl-on-boy using a strap-on.

One More Time… Is the Multiple Male Orgasm possible?

For a man to be able to have a multiple orgasm hardly even seems fair. In the contemporary just-so story, the Orgasm Lottery went like this: Women drew an elusive, misunderstood, cantankerous, uncooperative beast. But if they coddle and train it just right, it just might evolve Pokemon-style into the glorious Multiple Orgasm.

Three, it’s the Magic Number

James Nelson serves the goods on how to get that elusive threesome going in the age of the internet.

Are there any pills or creams that can make me last longer in bed?

Premature ejaculation is often treated as a result of selfishness — a guy thoughtlessly getting his rocks off before he’s even bothered shifting hers around. I won’t say this kind of selfishness never happens, but involuntary premature ejaculators know that the feeling of oncoming release seems as unstoppable as taking your next breath. You can try to recite the stats of every American League player since 1950, but you’ll be lucky to get past the Yankees’ current batting lineup. And to make it worse you’ve been trying so hard to hold off blowing your wad that you may not even enjoy it when it happens anyway.

Why Can’t My Girlfriend Orgasm With Me?

When a woman can’t orgasm, a man’s likely to take it as a judgment on himself. Then he wants her to come not because she’ll enjoy it, but rather because it will prove that he is a real lover. And often enough a woman will start to feel the same way, wanting to come for him rather than for herself. You shouldn’t be surprised this rarely works out well.

Introducing: James Nelson, Sexriffic Advice Columnist

Hetero advice columnist James Nelson talks about bondage with silk neckties, the joys of cunnilingus, and more!