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To Swallow or not to swallow? That is the question.

Let me begin at the end of your question: Is it awkward to ask for a condom? Awkward or not it’s always perfectly cool to ask someone to use a condom. If you’re not comforatble giving oral without a condom then you should suggest one. Keep the mood fun, and light…”I’m happy to go down on you, mind if I slip a condom on with my mouth?”

Mr. Popper’s Poppers

Gee Jake I was really started to enjoy summer when you made me go do some research. Paraphrasing Wikipedia let’s get the technical stuff out to the way. Poppers are basically nitrates which when inhaled relax the smooth muscles of the body which just so happens to include the sphincter muscles of the anus (and the vagina too but let’s stick to what’s your boyfriend is after).

Clean as a (Butt) Whistle

A good diet and self awareness should get you most if not all of the way to a clean fuckable butt, but if it doesn’t then you have the basics. Also keep in mind that sometimes even the most prepared of us can get a little messy. It’s embarrassing sure, but don’t freak out. Keep the mood pleasant, get cleaned up and if you’re both still willing find other ways to finish up.

Going the Long Distance

The tech options are fun if they are available to you and you can get over any sort of performance anxiety. If you’re only seeing each other once a month you’re probably going to be able to put horny before feeling silly. Besides, if skype is good enough for Oprah, it ought to be good enough for you and your partner. (A side note here, I’m not suggesting for a second that Oprah has naughty video chat sessions).

Introducing Toys to New Boys

Starting small enables you to treat the introduction of toys as something playful and non threatening. If you start with the life size fire hydrant dildo you picked up in Amsterdam on a whim, you may frighten your new pal before you get a chance to work up to something bigger.

Homo Does Not Always Mean “In the Butt” Bob

Just because you like the sight, smell, taste, etc of a dude does not mean you have to insert tab B into slot A(nus).

Introducing: J-mo (as in Ask J the ‘mo)

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