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A Hand That Wants to Fist

Fisting is one of the most intense, special and intimate things two partners can do… or one AWESOME party trick, depending on how you want to spin it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ruff Playtime

“Here be dragons.” That’s what they used to write on old maritime maps to mark uncharted waters. This phrase comes to mind as I find myself sitting in a coffee shop on International Women’s Day about to pen an article on how sometimes “No! No! No!” means “Yes”.

Female Ejaculation, or Getting the Juices Flowing

For whatever reasons, the issue of female ejaculation (or Squirting or Shiofuki) has been pretty closeted. It’s rarely brought up in popular culture and usually ends up relegated to only a small corner of a rather vast porn media. What gives?

Spelunking for the “Male G-spot”

The prostate is kind of like the “speed booster” you flick just at the pinnacle of speed that pushes you oh so much further than you would have gone. Think Mario Kart. Yes, in fact, it’s exactly like the mushroom in Mario Kart.

Porn 101: Videos you’ll both enjoy

So, you’re looking for a decent plot and a competent acting. Now, I enjoy my porn. Been through a lot. Not once have I ever, ever seen either of these things– much less both of them together. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist; I’m just saying that even the best Conquistadors know when to stop wandering the jungle and say, “Fuck it, it ain’t here man.”

What if my girlfriend likes her vibrator better than me?

Remember when you got a new toy as a kid, and you couldn’t wait to show it off and play with it and learn how it worked? Being an adult with a new toy is no different.

Introducing: Hudson Cole, Advice Columnist Sextraordinaire

Hetero advice columnist Hudson Cole reflects on his conservative southern upbringing, the perils of sex in the woods, and more!