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A love that just won’t quit: the Tenga Flip Hole

With the Flip Hole masturbator, Tenga has finally merged science with sleekness in something that is practically indistinguishable from the 25th century genitalia of an impossibly benevolent alien species. Thank you Japan.

The Civilized Man’s Vaseline – A Review for Please Stroke Cream

Please Stroke Cream is just exactly what a cream for masturbation should be. It is not a revelation in itself, being an assistant to such a familiar mode of getting off. But it is a capable assistant, smells great, and is downright hygienic and civilized compared to the alternatives. It is an excellent way to mix up your routine and get back to thrilling basics, or just help you do what you do best on a regular basis

So You Want To Be a Spanker (or Spankee)!

S/M, and kink in general, has a complicated relationship with masculinity. Those who want to submit to a partner can feel like they are surrendering some of their manhood and that wanting to be tied up and controlled makes them less of a man. Guys who want to administer sexy punishments to their loved one may be concerned about being too harsh, demeaning or sexist, especially if their partner is female. Kinky sex doesn’t have to carry a statement about your gender, or your gender politics, if you communicate with your sweetie and take a few things into consideration.