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One Little Thing, Honey… or Telling Her You’re Kinky by James Nelson

Congratulations, not just for your budding relationship, but for being conscious of your sexual desires. Do not listen to your friends who say that you need psychological help. Being kinky is not a mental illness!

To Swallow or not to swallow? That is the question. by J-mo

Let me begin at the end of your question: Is it awkward to ask for a condom? Awkward or not it's always perfectly cool to ask someone to use a condom. If you're not comforatble giving oral without a condom then you should suggest one. Keep the mood fun, and light..."I'm happy to go down on you, mind if I slip a condom on with my mouth?"

A Hand That Wants to Fist by Hudson Cole

Fisting is one of the most intense, special and intimate things two partners can do... or one AWESOME party trick, depending on how you want to spin it.

Early to Rise Lube Review Extravaganza! by Lucinda

Here at Early to Rise and in the Early to Bed store, we've seen that the majority of guys who shop go straight for the lube. And what better of a product to purchase? Lubricants are important for making things comfy for your special lady and essential for backdoor fun! So we've assembled our EtR contributors to tell us what folks think about the best lubes are and why.

The Other Way In: Making Anal Work by James Nelson

Anal sex has so many possibilities, and yet is prey to so many misconceptions. There are still people out there that believe that anal isn't something straight people do -- at least not respectable straight people. Luckily more and more straight men and women are curious about experimenting with anal, both boy-on-girl and girl-on-boy using a strap-on.

Mr. Popper’s Poppers by J-mo

Gee Jake I was really started to enjoy summer when you made me go do some research. Paraphrasing Wikipedia let's get the technical stuff out to the way. Poppers are basically nitrates which when inhaled relax the smooth muscles of the body which just so happens to include the sphincter muscles of the anus (and the vagina too but let's stick to what's your boyfriend is after).

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ruff Playtime by Hudson Cole

“Here be dragons.” That’s what they used to write on old maritime maps to mark uncharted waters. This phrase comes to mind as I find myself sitting in a coffee shop on International Women’s Day about to pen an article on how sometimes “No! No! No!” means “Yes”.

One More Time… Is the Multiple Male Orgasm possible? by James Nelson

For a man to be able to have a multiple orgasm hardly even seems fair. In the contemporary just-so story, the Orgasm Lottery went like this: Women drew an elusive, misunderstood, cantankerous, uncooperative beast. But if they coddle and train it just right, it just might evolve Pokemon-style into the glorious Multiple Orgasm.

Clean as a (Butt) Whistle by J-mo

A good diet and self awareness should get you most if not all of the way to a clean fuckable butt, but if it doesn't then you have the basics. Also keep in mind that sometimes even the most prepared of us can get a little messy. It's embarrassing sure, but don't freak out. Keep the mood pleasant, get cleaned up and if you're both still willing find other ways to finish up.

Female Ejaculation, or Getting the Juices Flowing by Hudson Cole

For whatever reasons, the issue of female ejaculation (or Squirting or Shiofuki) has been pretty closeted. It’s rarely brought up in popular culture and usually ends up relegated to only a small corner of a rather vast porn media. What gives?

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