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Ever since our women-oriented sister store, Early to Bed, opened in 2001, one of the most frequent jokes made by customers has beenĀ  “hey, you should have another store for men called Early to Rise next door.” For years we just chuckled at the notion, as there were plenty of sex shops designed for men and we were women who knew much more about women’s toys, bodies and sexual needs. Besides, with the majority of the shoppers in our store being female, it just didn’t seem necessary.

Fast forward eight years and our male clientele has grown and grown. Apparently, there are just as many men interested in a sex-positive shopping experience as there are women. With Early to Rise we are hoping to create a sex-positive site with good sex information, honest reviews of male-oriented sex toys and advice for men, written by men. Additionally, we have selected some of the finest and best-loved adult toys designed for men to sell in our online shop.

We invite you to take a look around and let us know what we can do to make your Early to Rise shopping experience better.


Call: 866-585-2233 (toll-free)
Email: searah@early2bed.com
Mail: 5232 N Sheridan rd, Chicago, IL 60640
Normal office hours are Tues: 12-7pm (CST), Wed-Sat: 12-8pm, Sun: 12-6pm.

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