Film Picks for Reeling Festival’s 30th!

Hello Risers!

Today I’ve been musing over the selections for the 30th Annual Reeling Film Festival’s selection of LGBTQ showings, and have decided to share some picks that portray the complexities of male/masculine genders and sexualities. Descriptions from the website:

Community Action Center

A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner’s visually lush, hedonistic sociosexual video incorporates the erotics of a community where the personal is both political and sexual. The artists worked with performers to create complex gender and performance pieces that are both real and fantastical, set to a soundtrack of music and original compositions. This project was heavily inspired by 1970’s porn-romance-liberation films, which served as distinct portraits of the urban inhabitants, landscapes, and the body politic of a particular time and place. The work explores feminist fashion, sexual aesthetics, and an expansive view of what is defined as “sex.”


Not in the mood? How about never in the mood? This groundbreaking documentary provides a fascinating and in-depth look at the lifestyle and “love-style” of asexual David Jay, one of the roughly 3 million Americans who report that they have absolutely no sex drive at all. Along with first hand accounts from asexuals and insights from sexuality experts (including Dan Savage), the film com- bines verite footage and animation with fearless humor and pop culture imagery as it grapples with the question, how can someone have a sexual orientation if they don’t want sex?



No man is an island in this sexy drama that will appeal to gay men, lesbians, and transgender audiences alike. Set against a sweltering German summer, Romeos is the story of 20-year-old Lukas (formerly Miri) a pre-op transman whose carefully controlled life turns topsy-turvy when he is assigned to the girl’s dormitory for his compulsory term of civil service. Lukas’s good looks and zest for life gain him entry into the in-crowd of anything-goes gay men, but as his confidence grows, and affections for the über-masculine leader of the pack, Fabio, become more intense, Lukas’s long-time friendship with feisty lesbian Ine hits a snag. Just when he starts to need Ine’s support, she begins pulling away, finding it difficult to recognize Lukas as the person she once knew.

Kink Crusaders

Hike up your chaps and fasten your butt-straps, you’re in for a wild night with the International Men of Leather. Whether you’re vanilla or kinky, straight or gay, or somewhere in between, the sexy, outrageous, and profoundly moving Kink Crusaders will turn your perceptions of what Leathermen are inside out. This smart and upbeat documentary traces the history of the world’s oldest annual fetish/kink competition – the International Mr. Leather contest, which now draws thousands of men from around the world to the host city of Chicago, including gay, straight, disabled, and transgender, all who come to compete for a title and a sash. You’ll walk away believing there’s a bit of the kink crusader in all of us.

And of course there are many, many more! Check out the full schedule of showings here.

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