To Swallow or not to swallow? That is the question.

JimmyHat writes: Hey J-mo, I’m a fan of fun hook up’s with boys, but I’d like to keep it more safe. So, usually whenever I go down on a guy he wants me to swallow his cum. I’m not a huge fan, but I’m willing to try it sometimes. What are the risks involved in doing that? Am I more susceptible to STI’s? Is it awkward to ask for a condom? I think I might be a better giver if I felt completely safe — but would he feel anything?

J-mo a go-go!Let me begin at the end of your question: Is it awkward to ask for a condom? Awkward or not it’s always perfectly cool to ask someone to use a condom. If you’re not comforatble giving oral without a condom then you should suggest one. Keep the mood fun, and light…”I’m happy to go down on you, mind if I slip a condom on with my mouth?”

That said let’s talk about the actual risks involved, there is less risk of STIs in oral sex than in vaginal or anal sex but there is still some risk. It is possible to get a bacterial infections like chlamydia, syphilis or gonorrhea via oral sex. Herpes can passed between genitals and the mouth if your partner is experiencing an out break. It is not as easy to get HIV from oral sex but it can be passed through cuts in the mouth. Fun, right? A quick side note, this isn’t just about swallowing, if your partner has a bacterial infection it’s likely you may contract it whether or not you swallow, since the bacteria will be present the whole time you’re bobbing up and down on his cock. So if you are concerned about catching an STI you need to slap that condom on prior to any mouth to cock contact.  If you’re both cool with the condom you may want to put a bit of water-based lubricant (not Vaseline or oils) in the tip of the condom to increase his pleasure.

Those are the risks and though they may sound scary I think you’ll find alot of guys give oral automatically assume if it’s oral you don’t need a condom (I’ll admit to like my oral sex condom free). I’m old enough and mature enough to admit that I’ve have a couple STIs as a result of oral sex without a condom. Yes, it was embarrassing to head to the clinic and when I was younger it felt like the end of the world (it wasn’t). Since we’re in true confession land I’d actually say my blow job to STI ratio is pretty good (but there’s no way I’m breaking it down into actual numbers for you, I’m not a statistician plus my numbers might be higher than I’d want to admit publicly) but this isn’t about me, it’s about you. The most important thing is that you are comofortable with the decisions you make in your sexual encounters. If you are having lots of “fun hook ups with boys” a few of them are going to say no to condoms for oral and you’ll need to decide how to proceed. If it’s not gonna be fun for you if there is no condom then don’t do it. Suggest mutual masturbation or if that doesn’t work you may find yourself stuffing your hard dick back in your pants. I’m of a mind that it’s worth it to stand your ground. Your decision may change from situation to situation and it’s ok to change your mind and go condom free on occasion, but only if it works for you.

Stick to your guns and happy shooting.


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