Toy Review: the Nexus G-Rider

We sent this substantial prostate toy, the G-Rider, to our faithful reviewer Pink Keith and here is what he had to say about it:

g-riderThe shaft of the toy measures four inches long with a circumference of four and a half inches at its widest. The shaft is an elongated s-shape. Its shape reminds me of a seal with a fat center section and the top of it looking like a head that projects outwards. The base of the toy is five inches long and slightly curves towards the shaft. What makes the base very unique are the one-sixth of an inch nodules on one side of the base. These are facing towards the shaft and on the same side as the top of the shaft (the head of the seal) is projecting towards.

The G-Rider is made of pure medical grade silicone. It feels smooth, silky and very velvet-like. The toy I tested was purple, but it also comes in red, black and pink. The toy didn’t have any noticeable odor to it.

The G-Rider requires a AAA battery to operate as a vibrator. The cap to the battery compartment easily pops off. The battery slides in positive side down and the cap snaps easily back on.

The vibrator has five different oscillations. Pressing the button once gives an up and down oscillation. Pressing the button again gives this steady vibration but with a brief teaser pause that lasts a few seconds. The third setting is the same as the first, but with a longer higher vibration. the fourth setting is the same as the third, but again with a higher vibration. The final setting is an up and down oscillation with a brief pause between them. The sound is fairly loud for a vibrator, even when I was playing with it inside of me it was fairly loud. Since the vibrator sits in the “fat” section of the toy, the silicone damps much of the vibrations.

The toy slide inside of me very easily after lubing it and my anus with some water-based lubricant. The shape of it was very unique. I could feel the projecting head of the shaft gently racking and pressing against my prostate as I moved the toy in and out of me. The nodules of the base were softly brushing my perineum between my scrotum and anus, but it was not that noticeable. (Yet, I should add that I do prefer my play to be a little more rough.)

The toy slide out just as easily as it went in. My hand was still messy with lubrication. Yet, I found that the nodules on the base allowed me to get a better grip on the toy as I took it out. The electronic part of the toy slides out of the toy by bending base down and pulling it out. This makes cleaning the toy very easy to do without the worry of shorting out or damaging the vibrator. The vibrator is slightly angled and only goes back in one way. If the vibrator isn’t sitting flush with the base, you’ve inserted it incorrectly.

Overall I was very pleased with the Nexus G-rider. It was able to massage my prostate differently then other more traditional shaped dildos and vibrators. The easy of cleaning and it requiring AAA batteries rather then watch batteries is another plus. I have experienced better vibrators with this one been very loud, slightly weak and not actually vibrating the prostate.

I would recommend this toy for a more intermediate user. Given its shape and fairly large size for a anal toy it might be a bit challenging for a beginner.

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