Chicago Sex Worker Film Festival

swop_film_fest2Tonight, and tomorrow! And… yesterday – shoot. Well, at least I’m getting this shout out to the two most action-packed days up for this event.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago is hosting this three-day festival at the Everleigh Social Club on the near West Side of the Loop. Tickets are $10 donations and support SWOP-Chicago.

Why am I super excited for this event? Well, it is the first time Chicago has had such an event that focuses on documenting the experiences of sex workers. But more exciting, for me, is that a friend of mine will be showing his short film on being transgender and transitioning through sex work.

Other interesting films for tonight include Red Lips: Cages For Black Girls, a piece exploring “black/racialized/criminali​zed/queer/trans/identity and its relationship with the prison industrial complex,” and Mutantes: Porn Punk Feminism which looks at seminal figures in sex work and queer activism such as Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, Lydia Lunch and more.

For more information and a full list of films, check out SWOP-Chicago.

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