So long, $pread

spread-coverSad day. Today was the last day to for subscribers (such as moi) to file a request for a back issue of $pread Magazine before it closes down for good.  We’ve carried this magazine for a while now at Early to Bed — check out if there are any back issues in the store — and for good reason: $pread has been vital to sex worker visibility, services, activism, and community.  It will be sorely missed.

And as a sex-positive men’s site, male and transgender sex workers have a special place for recognition. Hopefully the vacuum will be filled with even more publications celebrating sex workers, and activist groups defending their communities.

On the website you can check out a retrospective of the sex worker rights movement, browse for some final gear, or check out other content.

As sex work activist Audacia Ray said last August, $pread is Dead, Long Live $pread!

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