ONE Condoms: Tough, Cute and Comfy

one-condoms-wrappersSo, my favorite condom to use is, without a doubt, ONE.  A few reasons:

1. They’re tough — I’ve never had ONE break on me. (Like how I did that?)

2. They’re super cute! — I love the designs of normal, fun activities, or fun cultural references. Ok, so this may seem as a silly point, but seriously – they don’t look all medical or something you’d be embarrassed to leave out in the open. Yay for normalizing safer sex!

3. They’re comfortable — This is very important to me. You know how some condoms will basically strangle the base of your dick? Yeah, not fun, and kind of a turn off, huh? These guys won’t do that, but will definitely stay secure.

one-upOh and one last thing on the design tidbit: you can design your own and send it in for a contest! Check it out here. And buy the popular Pleasure Plus here, or in store at Early to Bed.

<3 Lucien

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