Early to Rise Lube Review Extravaganza!

Here at Early to Rise and in the Early to Bed store, we’ve seen that the majority of guys who shop go straight for the lube.  And what better of a product to purchase? Lubricants are important for making things comfy for your special lady and essential for backdoor fun! So we’ve assembled our EtR contributors to tell us what folks think about the best lubes are and why.


Stroke 29: “I am pretty loyal to this product. I usually have this on hand (so to speak) as my personal lube. They even come in single travel size packets and I give them as gifts. It can’t be used with condoms or a partner (internally) so it makes it a toy that is only for me… which is cool.” – Hudson Cole


Sliquid Organics: “I love Sliquid Organics Regular because it is water-based and toy-friendly, thick, glycerin free, paraben free, vegan, and made with botanical extracts so you can get all in someone’s business with your mouth and not worry about ingesting something weird. Best used after feasting on leafy raw vegetables and a frolic through a meadow.” – Lucien


gunoilGun Oil: “Ok, no surprise here, these guys just make good stuff and I am a fierce product loyalist. I prefer silicone to water base for many reasons. I like the amount in the bottle and I like the long lasting nature of their particular formula. Gun oil, hot wife, and water all play quite nice together.” – Hudson Cole

uberlubeüberlube: “This is such a lovely product that I’m glad is back on our shelves! Besides being great for your skin with Vitamin E extracts and being Chicago-made (but not in a Goodfellas type of way), überlube stays slick for a long, long time. I enjoy using it for perineum stimulation or even as a massage oil. You don’t need too much to get things going, either!” – Lucien


sliquidh2oSliquid H20: “For all-purpose use I prefer glycerin-free lubricants like Sliquid H20 because they don’t leave a sticky residue when they dry.  Here’s a story: my partner and I coated anal beads (much like the A-Chain) with lube. Then my partner put some more lube inside me and slid the beads in one by one. Eventually, she went down on me. The pleasure of coming to orgasm with the extra stimulation on your prostate is like putting whipped cream on your apple pie. No, let me correct that. It’s like putting rockets on the back of your dragster. When I came down I was reeling.” – James Nelson

“H20 is my go-to lube. Whether it’s pleasure for her, him or they, it’s thick enough and retains its slipperiness for quite a while for a water-based lube. Pairs perfectly with all of my toys and doesn’t disturb her pH balance after some fun manual stimulation.” – Lucien

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