Get to Know Your “Gateway to Heaven and Hell”

It’s difficult to just mention the male perineum without some new agey Taoist mumbo jumbo.  Call me an old-fashioned queer, but I prefer to talk about this amazing erogenous zone in accessible terms and with more of a secular (and pleasurable) vocabulary.

The perineum is an often-neglected zone of the body by straight and queer men alike.  What can I say? We live in a phallo-centric society that rewards us for focusing on our junk rather than pleasing our whole bodies.

Click to enlarge. No copyright from WikiCommons.

Click to enlarge. No copyright from WikiCommons.

There are several techniques to use on your perineum in solo or partnered situations.  These are typically known as a prostate massage or prostate milking, or simply perineum stimulation.  Like a regular back massage, the muscles around the perineum feel better when you’re going with the grain rather than against them.  Unless of course, you do slowly dig in to a particular pleasurable spot.

These techniques need not apply just to queer nor to straights.  I’ve a few lady friends who want to explore with their male partner’s pleasure to integrate holding their testicles taught to the shaft when giving a blow job.  Then to use small movements back and forth, slipping their palm further toward their anus on their perineum.  Other moves than that I recommend explicit consent. The perineum is a very sensitive area that awakens a deep feeling inside of someone – which is very different than your typical phallic stimulation.

When directly approaching the perineum, use plenty of lubricant — water- or silicone-based — to rub thoroughly into the body.  Go slowly and softly at first, and make sure it’s loosened up and aroused down there.  It should never be painful, unless you’re into that, of course.

Explore the texture of the muscles. As one achieves an erection, you’ll notice that the perineum becomes very firm and can require more pressure for prostate stimulation.  The muscles between the “line,” a.k.a. the Raphe of Perineum, and the thighs are a great place to start.  At this vantage point, one can focus on the balls or, for the aggressive type, a little bite on the thighs.

The prostate gland “inside” the perineum can be best and most sensitively stimulated right above the anus (close to around the pointer where “Raphe of Perineum” is on the diagram below). Usually an up-and-down or circular motion helps to get things going. Already the prostate gland should be exuding fluids that cleanses your insides and increases blood flow that awakens your nerves.

For the adventurous, direct stimulation of the prostate requires at least a finger and some leverage upward in a “come hither” motion.  Sound just like G-spot stimulation? Well, it is. Except be careful. Sensitivity and pressure are very important. While a woman may be a-ok with big thrusting with pressure directly on the G-spot, may not be the same threshold for a guy — especially if they’re new at this.

All in all, the perineum is a great area for stimulation for anyone who has a prostate.  It may seem strange or too “alternative” at glance, but it can awaken new senses of pleasure and provide a heap load of good times.

But yes, I cannot guarantee you’ll experience heaven or hell. Just sayin’.


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