Mixed Feelings on “Low T” Ads

Wha happened?

Wha happened?

Hey, guys. Feeling moody? Irritable? Low energy? Any other yucky effeminizing symptoms?  You may be normal, but you also might have low testosterone.

What does this mean?  As someone who has opted to lower my T levels and up my estrogen (a process called hormone replacement therapy) in order to transition to a more trans-feminine body, I have some interesting inklings about these ads.

So, is it Low T? And why should you care to change that?

Some people in the pop medical field have called this a “male menopause” or “andropause.” So while I’m going through this decline in my T levels voluntarily, and I’m younger than 35, I’m a pretty good candidate for speaking on this issue.

First off, don’t let medical companies tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel.  If this is something that truly bothers you, bring it up to your physician. The fact that men age differently with different hormone levels is a lovely thing. That means guys can experience themselves, their bodies, and their sexualities differently over time. I urge guys to think about that before seeking out some sort of quick fix.

I’ve found much happiness in my different hormonal drives.  And yes, I am a genderqueer trans woman now, and not a male, but as someone who’s going through a somewhat similar process, my message is: chin up, relax, focus on creating joy and pleasure in your life.

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