New Harness for Male-Assigned Bodies!

Deuce-harnessWhat a lovely idea! SpareParts came out with the Deuce fairly recently. The Joque has been a crowd favorite at Early to Bed and a best seller everywhere, so I imagine this is just as comfortable, versatile, and fun!

I found out about this guy on a QueerPorn.TV / Smitten Kitten sex ed video on harnesses.  Check out the way cute instructional video.

Deuce has two holes elastic holes with two accompanying flaps: one for your “natural girth” and the other, which sits a bit higher, for a dildo of your choice. Or your could rock both out for some double penetration – oh my!

Anyway, just a heads up for this newbie. For now you can check it out on the SpareParts website, or travel into Early to Bed for the ever popular Joque.

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