The Grandmama of them all, Hitachi

hitachi-magic-wandThe Grandmama of them all, the Hitachi, is one of the most consistent pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had.  Every man should have one of these ready to go on his nightstand!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an enigmatic feature of pleasure both in the personal realm and in porn alike.  Appearing on the scene in the 1970s, and presented as a handheld massager for back and other pains, someone had the bright idea of sticking it between their legs!

While it is well known for causing lovely orgasmic experiences for women, and is widely promoted by sex evangelists such as Betty Dodson, this toy is a fantastic choice for male-assigned bodies, too!

For a while, even selling these things, I would warn, well, this baby is by far the one that packs the most punch.  Now me and my partners, (female and male bodied) LOVE the Hitachi.  It’s vibrations sound intimidating, but they are actually very comforting, subtle, and build you up to an intense orgasm.  Fantastic.

The thing that I love the most about this toy is the effectiveness of it.  I’ve never not orgasmed because of it.  That and the orgasms are so different than the old in-and-out masturbating technique.

delta-frenulum-atariOk, let’s get to the real meat and potatoes of this toy, shall we?  The most effective use is to hold it still or slowwwwly rub around the Delta of Frenulum of the penis/clit.  Or, as the author of Fucking Trans Women cites, the part that looks like an Atari symbol! You can also hold the head (glans) of the penis/clit underneath to adjust pressure or give it a good rub for added ecstasy!

I reccomend using a good lube that stays smooth.  Sliquid H20 is smooth and very affordable, but for something even more slippery, our new, locally-made Überlube does the trick.

If you plan on sharing this toy, wrap a condom around the vibrating top of it in order to make sure that fluids are not transferred from one person to the other.  The material of the spongey head is a kind of plastic with little ridges all over it.  I’d suggest regular cleaning that involves some soft scrubbing with hand soap or other body safe cleaner to get any yucky stuff out.  Sharing is caring, but safety is necessary!

Oh, did I mention how lovely it is against the perineum, too?  Try adding it to oral or manual stimulation of your penis/clit!  The appeal of the Hitachi isn’t how “fast” it vibrates, but how deep it feels in your body — enough to feel it buzzing the insides of your prostate.

Lastly, there’s a myriad of different attachments for different enjoyments.  A popular one has been the Gee Whiz by Vixen Creations — again, a toy appealing toward those for wanting G-spot pleasure, but I don’t see why that wouldn’t be ah-mazing for a P-spot!

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