Rough Sex 3: Adrianna’s Dangerous Mind

roughsex3I don’t know if you guys have checked out the Rough Sex series by one of my favorite directors, Tristan Taormino, but now’s the time! Here’s a series that has some really scorching hot scenes with a variety of stars – integrating straight, queer, and people of color.  This third installment with Adrianna Nicole looks to be the hottest one yet.

As a feminist director, Taormino enjoys collaborating with the performers to act out their naughtiest desires.  Here’s a snippet of a scene from the director’s blog (click this link for the steamy NSFW photos):

This scene is EPIC. Adrianna had a fantasy about being in a co-ed locker room at a gym and having sex with guy after guy. We shot the scene in a locker room with a real gang shower—not a lot of comfortable, soft places to have sex, but it definitely brought some authenticity. First, Adrianna wanders “accidentally” into the men’s locker room and Nat Turnher goes to town with her. They have a great connection and I love to watch them. I shot Nat several years ago in Chemistry 2, and I really dig him. While they are fucking, in walk Danny Wylde and Keni Styles, who watch for a while.

When Nat leaves, they decide to team up and take her to the shower. Danny Wylde is hands down one of my favorite male performers. He brings his A game every time I shoot him, and this scene is no exception. He has his own style of domination and it really works for Adrianna. Keni Styles is like a porn unicorn: a straight Asian male porn performer. He has a fantastic British accent, and he’s quite smart. At times, Danny and Keni would double-team her, but Keni also hung back for a bit and just watched Adrianna and Danny.

We planned to end their portion of the scene, then reset, but all of a sudden, there was Evan Stone taking a shower. Leave it to Evan to create a smooth transition from one part of the scene to the next—he is always the consummate professional! Oh, and did I mention that Evan brought all the boxing gear that the guys are wearing to the set with him that morning? He is so fun, fantastic, and such a joy to work with. I’ve shot Evan and Adrianna together before: in Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition and in The Expert Guide to Advanced Fellatio. They are a great match. But this scene was different. Evan did some dirty, nasty stuff (in a good way), several things I’ve never seen him do in a scene before; he is so creative, willing to take chances, and his energy and vibe are always pitch-perfect. He really took it to a whole other level. I don’t want to spoil some surprises, so I’m not going to be more specific.

The thing about the entire scene is that it’s not a “gangbang” or 4-on-1, it’s one, then two, then one. It’s really three scenes. The sheer physicality of it just blows me away. It went on for hours, and Adrianna gave 110% the entire time.

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