One More Time… Is the Multiple Male Orgasm possible?

I’ve heard of this idea that men can be multi-orgasmic. Is this actually possible? I’ve heard some guys can “break up” their orgasms, unlike women – where they have continual higher peaks. How does this work and where should I start looking into this?


Dear LFL:james_nelson

For a man to be able to have a multiple orgasm hardly even seems fair.

In the contemporary just-so story, the Orgasm Lottery went like this: Women drew an elusive, misunderstood, cantankerous, uncooperative beast. But if they coddle and train it just right, it just might evolve Pokemon-style into the glorious Multiple Orgasm.

Men, on the other hand, get the Old Reliable: a trustworthy, heavy-hitting, single-barreled implement of joy, but with only one load in the barrel. Some would say that’s a good thing; if you could just keep doing it why would you leave the house?

That’s why I’m reluctant to reveal that multiple male orgasm is possible. I know this not only from research, but from personal experience.

Some of you might be thinking “What’s the big deal? I can come, get hard again and start fucking; I do it all the time.” If you can, then your partner’s very fortunate. But people can either do this or they can’t, and as you get older it’s more and more likely you can’t.

A MMO, on the other hand, can be learned. It also can be achieved at any age, if we understand what we mean when we say we orgasm.

That might seem a strange thing to have to define. Everyone knows what it means when a guy comes. It’s the conclusion of every cheap porno movie. But that’s only because most people carelessly conflate orgasm and ejaculation, as if the two words were synonymous.

But they’re distinct things. Not only do they not happen at the same time, you can even have one without the other. Normally, the pattern is: rising arousal, orgasm, ejaculation, detumescence and loss of arousal.

The thing is, it’s the ejaculation, not the orgasm, that causes the detumescence stage. Clearly our goal is to reach the orgasm, but stop before ejaculation.

In order to do that you must know your body. You’re probably already aware of the sensation that takes over when an orgasm approaches. You also probably understand there is a “point of no return,” at which point you’re going to ejaculate no matter what you do. If you know your body well, you’ll recognize approaching orgasm sooner, and have a good sense of how long it takes to get from the beginnings of orgasm to the PONR. But what do you do then?

There seem to be two schools of thought about how this is done, one school, which I’ll call the “contraction method,” says that you must tighten the pubococcygeal, or PC muscles just as orgasm hits. The PC muscles are the muscles you use to hold your pee in. You can strengthen them by doing male Kegel exercises, contracting and releasing them repeatedly. (This is also useful if you have a long time between bathroom breaks at work).

At the same time you should breathe out completely until your stomach below your belly button contracts to your spine. You can practice this in advance by putting your hand under your belly button and breathing out until you feel the contraction.

I list the “contraction method” because it seems to work for so many people, though it doesn’t for me. I will also warn that a possible side effect of this method is a “retrograde orgasm,” meaning that the sperm simply gets redirected and ends up in your bladder; you’ll know this happened if you find that your pee is cloudy afterwards. It’s probably not a big deal, but it could lead to a bladder infection.

The other way of preventing ejaculation, and the one that works for me, is to cease all stimulation as orgasm begins and completely relax. You’ll feel an urge to “push,” contracting your prostrate muscles. But if you practice, you can learn to avoid it.

Either way, when you’ve found a method of preventing ejaculation, you want to let your arousal drop below orgasmic levels, then resume stimulation.

Normally at some point you’ll have had enough and push yourself all the way to ejaculation. A few people prefer never to ejaculate at all. But if you do I promise it will be one of the best you ever had.

I’ve made it sound easy, and it’s not. There’s lots of ways it can go wrong. Start again too soon and you will spurt without intending to, but wait too long and you can fall into a frustrating post-ejaculation loss of arousal without ever having ejaculated.

So how do you make it work? Practice, baby, practice. In other words you’re going to have to be willing to jerk off a lot. Hey single guys: now’s the perfect time.

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