Transgender Bras?

see-through_bra_whiteSo, last Monday I made my way down to another local sex-positive toy store, since Early to Bed was closed that day, and lo and behold, some bras that fit male-born people! Also underneath were breast forms made of silicone that looked and felt pretty real. This is pretty great since I know some friends who’ve been looking around for gender-variant clothing, including bras that fit wider chests and could accommodate some extra filler material.

Anyway, to much my surprise, there’s a tag on these Transform bras that say “Transgender Bra.” …Why? So all these people who fit into these bras are trans? What about crossdressers and drag queens? Why would I want a tag to tell me that I’m transgender by wearing this article of clothing?

Yes, transgender is an umbrella term that can be used for a variety of people identifying outside of what is cissexual (meaning those who agree with the sex they were assigned with at birth). But wow, what a charged way to remind someone that they are trans for doing this or that. Do all other bras say “women’s bras” on them? Strange.

Criticism aside, it was nice to find these as an option in a non-skeezy and non-judgmental place. Just, change your tags please?

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