Clean as a (Butt) Whistle

Yo J-mo: So, I’m exploring my bottoming side after coming out recently. I’m worried about hooking up with a partner and not knowing if I’m “ready” in my backside. What should I do to keep clean for my partner?

J-mo a go-go!So, when you say exploring your backside do you mean that you’ve been doing some probing on your own without a partner? I hope so because before you let your partner explore your butt you should have a thorough knowledge of it yourself. Let’s face it, if you can’t tell when you’re “ready” then you’re not ready.

Before we get to the instructions on how to clean we need to back it up (not your ass just yet) and ask yourself some questions. How’s my diet? Am I regular? Do I ever have that not so fresh feeling? If so then you already know approximately when you’re are at your cleanest or dirtiest. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then keep your butt to yourself for the time being. This is where the self exploration comes in handy. Use a small butt toy (like Bob or Buddy or my fave Mae) on yourself a few times when you think you’re at your cleanest. Does if come out clean and smelling of roses? Then you’ve figured out when you’re good to go. If it is rarely or never clean then it’s time to anal douche.

When douching go easy on your butt, besides fucking it serves several functions, including making your jeans look good so treat it kindly. Don’t use any sort of chemical concoction. Using an enema bottle, filled with plain lukewarm water “rinse and repeat”, like the shampoo bottle says, until the water comes out clean. A word of warning, not of all the water will come out right away. Some of it may get stuck temporarily in the colon. You can try to get it out by moving, stretching, walking around (I’d walk around the house, not a good time for a trip to the lake). Give yourself and your lucky partner enough time to get it all out. Once you’re clean you are ready to roll.

Like I said a good diet and self awareness should get you most if not all of the way to a clean fuckable butt, but if it doesn’t then you have the basics. Also keep in mind that sometimes even the most prepared of us can get a little messy. It’s embarrassing sure, but don’t freak out. Keep the mood pleasant, get cleaned up and if you’re both still willing find other ways to finish up.

Good luck and happy butt fucking!

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