Study: “Men can fake it, too”

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An article by The Good Men Project Magazine:

Wondering how this is actually possible? Well, according to Sohn, a condom “puts protective latex over the truth.” But there’s still the matter of acting it out the right way. “Pump away,” said Ned, a 57-year-old entertainment executive, “give a sudden exclamation of ‘Ahh!,’ toss your back a bit, and spasm.”

Yes… I have to ‘fess up that I have honestly faked orgasms during penetrative sex with a condom.  Just flex them PC muscles for an added feeling of contraction inside a partner.  Surprisingly, it worked.  And I felt awful afterward.

The real issue that should be addressed is why any sex or gender should have to fake an orgasm.  Unfortunately, as men we’re taught to deliver, and if we don’t we might be added to another list of boring partners or “5-minute men.”  In a small number of men, we get so psyched into our partners that we can’t come at the end.  Or there’s been some never ending train rides that just need to be stopped because, well, it’s starting to get sore from all that work.

So why do we have to deliver orgasms to each other? I’ve gotten in arguments time and time again with partners.  Just let go.  I’ve pleased and been pleased in so many different ways, sometimes it’s nice to feel satisfied without a big orgasmic workout.

Try checking your orgasmic plans at the door, guys.  Pressure aside, talk to your partner about what feels good to them, what feels good to you, how you both can satisfy each other as much as your heart’s (and body’s) content.

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