Njoy Fun

Njoy your P-spot with the Fun Wand!  

Massage your prostate with this solid, stainless steel craft from Njoy. If you’ve never explored the orgasmic power of your P-spot, this is the toy!

Hard and weighty, the Fun Wand ebbs and flows with the direction and force of your hand. The toy is curved like an S, which mimics the curvature of your rectum. Handling the product is a breeze and is great for solo or partnered play. The buds on the Wand vary from small to medium, which give you each a distinctive amount of pressure and pleasure. Because this toy is so smooth, easy to insert and guide, the Fun Wand will please the eager beginner all the way to the advanced. A final perk: with all steel products such as this, you can heat or cool the toy in water for some hot bumps or some chilly tingles.

Before jumping in, I recommend cleaning your plumbing, or at least get a nice empty feeling. Also, make sure your bladder is pretty much empty. A towel placed underneath your butt may also be a good for when you’re delightfully surprised at the copious amounts of prostate fluid that comes out!

Lie down, apply a generous amount of a thick water-based lube, or even coat the Fun Wand with a plentiful squirt of your favorite silicone-based lube, and slide in for the ride of your life. On one end, three nubs will give you focused pleasure around the opening of your hole. After warmed up and relaxed, push the bigger nub for direct P-spot stimulation. Soon you’ll be rolling and rocking the Fun Wand to places you’ve never thought your ass could take you!

If you feel like peeing, it’s a good thing! Go with it, because it will probably be a nice peak of come through your dick. Try to keep going, maybe apply some pressure to your perineum. Switch positions – on your side, your belly, or standing up! This toy will give you multiple orgasms if you stay focused and open up to the possibilities of p-spot heaven.

Njoy is one of my favorite manufacturers. The toy has a lifetime guarantee – just make sure that you take good care of it and watch out for dents or cuts into the steel. This toy is environmentally friendly, and if you ever decide to get rid of it, make sure your recycle it with other metals.

Steel is non-porous, so it won’t harbor any bacteria. Clean it up with simple hand soap, or put it in the dishwasher. Just be careful! Don’t touch it with your bare hands (much less your butt!) after it is run through extremely hot or boiling water – ouch!

This is the first toy that I have experienced back-curling, dizzying, multiple p-spot orgasms. (For more on how to peak your P-spot potential, check out Hudson Cole’s Spelunking for the “Male G-spot” here on ETR!) The weight and ease of this toy will let you ride to your own rhythm and have you literally coming out of your ass!



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