Stroke 29

So I’ve been reviewing products for Early to Rise and Early to Bed for some time. To cut right to the chase, this is probably my favorite product in the entire place. Men, you need to buy this. To put it in perspective, I am so emphatic about this product that I actually purchase the “travel packs” of this stuff to give as gifts to my guy friends.

So what is it? Stoke 29 is a masturbation cream. The “hook” is that the cream becomes heated over time. The product is supposed to heat up “at or around the 29th stroke,” hence the product name. I should preface by stating that prior to trying this product I never really utilized any masturbation aids. Creams and lubes weren’t part of my ritual. I had tried them but never thought much of them. This product changed the game for me. If I am traveling for an extended period of time, it goes into my suitcase.

Why am I so crazy pleased with this stuff? I think it has something to do with its practicality. I mean, it’s a useful product that works like gangbusters. Unlike other sex products, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for personal preference. A masturbation sleeve for one man might be too stimulating for another, an erotica book might be too tame for another, etc…. All men masturbate. You are not reliant on any toy to help or interfere with your technique, style, likes or dislikes. You still control the action, thank you very much. I mean, how are you not gonna dig this product?

Product design and performance also reach far beyond my expectations. The cream itself is a kind of very thick cream, and just a little bit will go a very long way. The consistency is like vegetable shortening (i.e., Crisco), which is great because it ensures that it doesn’t drip off anything. The product is also (thankfully) fragrance free. Then, amazingly, when you’re done, the cleanup is amazingly boring. The stuff comes right off! Anyone with lube experience knows how helpful and important lube is, but they are also no doubt familiar with the aftermath. Unlike water-based lube — which can leave you with a sticky sensation — or silicon based lube — which just, doesn’t leave you — Stroke 29 goes on, seems to last forever, and then comes right off. To be honest, the warming effect isn’t worth mentioning. It does heat up but it’s hard to chalk this up to anything but friction. Ironically, the heat factor is marketed as the major selling point, and for my money, it’s the least impressive/important thing about the product.

The company that produces this alchemical wizardry is Gun Oil (owned by Empowered Products). The name works on many levels, as the products were developed by Scott Fraser, a Marine platoon commander in Desert Storm who learned how to use military issued gun oil to keep his stressed out teenage company from “killing each other or getting too depressed”. In other words, he found out that dimethicone-based lube not only works in a pinch, but it’s actually pretty good stuff in general. I mean, this is a sex product with some serious street cred. The only down side to this product is the fact that you can’t use it as a sex lube no matter how badly you want to. And I really really want to. It also doesn’t play nice with condoms. Since it is neither silicon nor water based, I have no clue what toys you can use it with, so I don’t risk it. I use it only for its intended purpose. I have contemplated using it as a massage cream because I think it would work really well. Hell, I’m this close to trying it out as an aftershave.

Try. It. Now. You won’t regret it.

-Hudson Cole

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