Spelunking for the “Male G-spot”

What exactly is the ‘male G-spot’ and how do I find it?

The “male G-spot” is the term people use when referring to the P-spot.  The “P-spot” is slang for the prostate gland. The male prostate is located directly beneath the perineum, and it can be manipulated externally or internally (or both at the same time — pretty as you please). The prostate is the walnut-shaped gland that is responsible for producing about 30% of male ejaculate, called “prostatic fluid”. It can be a major source of pleasure for some men and not so much for others. This shouldn’t discourage you from trying though. You never know until you try… a few times.

Before you dive into partner play, see if you can’t locate your P-spot yourself first. I recommend starting out externally. You can feel your prostate by “flexing” his penis.  It’s the same muscle you engage when trying to stop the flow of urine – known scientifically as the pubococcygeus muscle, shortened for the layman to ‘PC muscle’.  Exercising your PC muscle is called ‘Kegel exercise’ and it’s a great way, incidentally, to strengthen your orgasms and have more control over them. In any case, that Kegel jerk technique starts in the prostate. You should be able to feel your prostate if you press on your perineum during the lowest, deepest part of the jerk. Once fully aroused and close to climax, you should be able to reach down and feel that walnut that I mentioned previously.  When climax is imminent, you can apply pressure with your free hand and… let’s just say once you learn how to do this, it should by no means be used while in a moving vehicle. This is probably the closest you can come to “blackout” pleasure. Once you graduate from a finger, you can try rolling up a pair of socks into a sturdy ball and strategically placing them on the edge of a chair while you masturbate.

Internal or external prostate stimulation? Yes please. A man can locate his own prostate internally with his own finger, but it’s an advanced maneuver and best with a partner. The other option is to drop the dough for a prostate stimulator, which I cannot recommend highly enough. I stand behind anything Nexus makes. I own a Nexus Excel and it’s amazing. In fact, I got it from Early to Rise. See, men can have toys too! But don’t buy just any anal toy when you’re looking to hit the P-spot; go for something that is specifically shaped to target the prostate. No one wants to stick anything anywhere unless there is a payoff. External massage feels grand, but the prostate can be difficult for a partner to locate and stimulate externally. It certainly feels great but isn’t going to provide an orgasms as powerful as if pressure were applied from the inside. This is why I enjoy prostate toys like the Nexus or Aneros, which can provide both kinds stimulation at the same time. Also, using a toy might be a less intimidating way to introduce your partner to your P-spot.

Prostate play can be intimidating for some. Guys sometimes aren’t sure about the idea of being penetrated, and girls sometime aren’t sure about penetrating. Both parties should know that the secret Cosmo ninja sex maneuver doesn’t exist. There is no one swift maneuver that will make the heavens open up on the first try. This stuff takes teamwork. You don’t want to be poking and prodding around like a frat boy — please spare everyone that indignity. You’re better than that, I just know it. I encourage slow gravitation “down there”. Too often, ball play is neglected, so start by encouraging your partner to move away from the penis (communication is hot!).  Lovers: put down the cock, step away from the clit and enjoy the smorgasbord of the human body. Once you start including the balls, you move to the perineum (external P-spot), then the anus (nerves and fun), then you can go for the internal”P-Spot”.

If you are ready to move to the advanced technique, relaxation, arousal, lube (we like Maximus for anal play, and well-manicured nails are all a must. Everything else is personal taste. And don’t be alarmed, but you might have a hard time maintaining an erection while having your prostate stimulated.  An erect penis doesn’t have to be the only arousal indicator on a man, but no matter what condition your penis is in, you have to stay aroused if you are going to enjoy the experience. Including a finger condom or a rubber glove along with the lube wouldn’t be considered excess. In fact, some people pay extra for that kind of shit. So go and get your naughty nurse on. Remember that we are talking about a form of anal sex. The same rules apply here as anywhere else. You need to use three times as much lube as you think you need, and if something hurts you are going too fast. Anal sex should at no time ever feel uncomfortable. I know couples who have anal sex on their bedroom menu but still view it as an only semi-pleasurable experience. They have the attitude that anal penetration is something you have to tough out.  This doesn’t have to be the case.

That being said, positioning is important because you want to have everything comfortable and at the best angle. Your partner needs to be able to get her well-groomed and lubed index finger inside your anus about 1.5 inches inside. I recommend lying on your back on the edge of the bed with your lower body hanging off and supported with your legs. Your partner should kneel on a pillow positioning herself between your thighs. The important thing here is access to everything. You can place your bottle of lube in a bowl of warm water and have it steadied on the floor for easy access. This way, your partner can easily reach pleasure zones with the mouth, while her dominant hand can reach inside you easily. This angle is beneficial because she’ll want the pad of her index finger facing her, and that means your balls should be resting on the inside of her wrists. Just like you would stimulate the female G-spot, she’ll want to make the ubiquitous “come hither” motion when she reaches the prostate. How will she know when she reaches it?  YOU will know. I am told that it feels like something of a slightly firmer and smoother texture.  But she’ll know mostly because of your reaction.

That said, keep in mind that you’re unlikely to come just from prostate stimulation alone. In my experience the G-spot functions in the same way. You can’t just head right to it and expect a final result. The prostate is kind of like the “speed booster” you flick just at the pinnacle of speed that pushes you oh so much further than you would have gone. Think Mario Kart. Yes, in fact, it’s exactly like the mushroom in Mario Kart. When you begin to come, have your partner apply real pressure (the proper amount is up to you), and the result should be an ejaculation much more akin to Ol’ Faithful than, well, anything else you are used to. I hope this helps and hopefully, the male G-spot will be something on your bedroom buffet before you know it.

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