Mythbusters #1: Men and Vibrators

This is a new series of sex tips that we’re calling MYTHBUSTERS! In this series, we intend to bust some myths. What kinds of myths, you ask? Well, myths about sexuality, of course! Particularly male sexuality, which, though ubiquitous in popular culture, is generally rife with poor assumptions and misinformation. Ready? Let’s bust some myths!

Myth #1: Vibrators are only for women.

Seems reasonable enough on the surface, right? A lot of women need the extra stimulation of a vibrator on their clitoris to experience orgasm reliably. There aren’t many men out there who are buying vibrators, so most of the ones you’ll find in the store are what the sex toy manufacturers consider “feminine” – pink, flowery, punctuated with adorable woodland creatures. But the simple fact remains that vibrators vibrate, and vibrations, whatever packaging they come in, generally feel good on all erectile tissues, regardless of who they belong to. This includes: the penis, balls, perineum (taint!), and the entire anal area. There is no specific specialization in vibrators that makes them unique to women, except, perhaps that the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the head of the penis, thus making it a little more sensitive to the effects of vibration.

This is such good news for you! It means you can add something new and awesome to your sexual repertoire! Or at the very least, it offers yet another avenue of experimentation. Of course, this begs the question, how on earth do you choose a vibrator and how do you use it?

As with any foray into new territory, sexual or otherwise, it’s good to start simple. Build on sensations that you already enjoy. For example, if you like wearing a cock ring for solo or partner play, try out a vibrating cock ring. You’ll get the sensation of vibration at the base of your cock and balls, and if you try out a toy like our Magic Touch Cock Ring, or the cock ring/vibe combo in our Early to Rise Signature Kit, you can remove the vibrator and experiment with different sensations using just that toy! See how the mini vibe feels on different parts of your genitals – cup your hand around it and rub the head of your cock, if it isn’t too sensitive, or run it along the underside of your penis, up to and including the head. If you like ball play, press it against the seam of your balls or swirl it along the sac. You can press it into your perineum or the outside of your anus. Do NOT insert a small vibe like the Magic Touch Mini or Power Bullet into your ass. You’ll need a toy with a flared base for that kind of vibrator play. More on that later.

See how all these different sensations feel. Maybe you want to incorporate them during your regular masturbatory sessions for heightened sensation. Maybe you want a partner to use the mini-vibe on you. Don’t feel limited to just your dick, either. Rub the vibe on your inner thighs, nipples, buttocks, anywhere you normally enjoy being touched erotically.

Perhaps you’ll find that such a small vibe doesn’t do the trick and you need something more powerful. This isn’t uncommon for men, who are often used to a great deal of friction while masturbating. Maybe you’ll want to upgrade to a more intense vibrator. We’ve got powerful bullet vibes, like the Greta, simple, strong vibes like Double Tap, or the most powerful whopper of them all – the Hitachi Magic Wand. Only you know what kind of sensation you want, so don’t be afraid to try out different things!

If butt play is more your bag, you have lots of great options. Men are super-lucky to have a prostate gland, which feels great when stimulated, and which is most efficiently reached through the ass (about 1-2 inches inside). Lots of toys are designed to hit this sweet spot, and quite a few of them vibrate. You can go with a vibrating butt plug, which is meant to be inserted and stay in place, creating pressure and a pleasant feeling of fullness. Some great prostate stimulating butt plugs include Mae, Pandora, the Nexus Vibro (super-intense!) and any of the Gerri plugs. You can also go the route of a vibrating dildo, which you would use for in-and-out penetration and which come in varying sizes. Some great starter vibrating dildos include the Pink Panther, Woody, and the Leo Kit. And if you’re really coveting your partner’s Rabbit Habit, you could also get one of your own and try it out anally – it might not be the most efficient means of playing with your ass, but it’s safe to try, as the external tickler will keep it from being sucked inside. Just be sure to use a condom to make clean up easy!

So, in summation,vibrators are good for anyone who has lots of nerve endings and likes feeling good. They do not require any specific type of genitals, just an enjoyment of sex and a willingness to explore what gets you hot.

Myths: 0          Early to Rise: 1

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