Carnal Consultant Review: Skippy

Review by Joe

“Explosive Male Ejaculation!” proclaims the box containing my latest toy from Early to Bed. Okay, where do I sign up?

Skippy is a multi-speed anal vibrator that’s designed to stimulate a guy’s prostate during playtime and lead to the aforementioned “explosive male ejaculation.”

Made of soft blue silicone, the business end of the vibe is 4 inches long and about 1.5” in diameter, with a body that’s ridged in four sections, sort of like big, soft beads. It has a tapered end with a tip that curves up, similar to a g-spot vibrator. The other end has the obligatory on/off/speed-adjustment knob.

The idea is that during playtime you get this vibe all lubed up—we’re big fans of Slippery Stuff from EtB—and then insert it with the curve pointing towards the front of the man’s body, so that it lands squarely on the prostate. That’s when the fun begins.

If you’re experienced in anal play, you’ll know that it can be incredible when done right. Since men are wired differently from women, most guys will require other stimulation in addition to using the vibe, and the combination of sensations can be mind-blowing. If you communicate well with your partner and let her/him know when the vibe is in just the right spot, good things will happen.

When my wife and I tried out Skippy we managed to get the vibe in a place that resulted in a total lights-out orgasm for me. Yes, the product delivered on its promise!

It’s worth pointing out that the climax where prostate stimulation is involved is somewhat difficult to describe. The best description I can muster is that it seems to come from “deeper inside” than the orgasms a guy usually has. (This is the case for me, anyway.) Between the buzzing in the back and whatever kind of fun happens up front, you can find yourself losing control in the best way possible.

I found the unit to work well for both partner and solo play. When using it solo, though, it’s important to find a position that’s both comfortable and keeps the toy in place, especially has you’re heading down the “home stretch.”

Skippy’s vibration strength ranges from very gentle to fairly rumbly. I found that a setting somewhere just above the midway point worked best for me.

Since Skippy is made of silicone, cleanup was very easy. It’s supposedly safe to use in the tub or shower, but I haven’t attempted that yet. It takes 2 AA batteries, and the toy didn’t lose power during the times I’ve used it, which are big points in its favor.

This toy is a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t suggest it for the novice. A “Buddy” butt plug or one of the smaller, purse-sized EtB vibrators would be an excellent introduction to the world of anal play. The key is to let yourself go and enjoy the sensations: this is a whole new area to explore.

If you’re ready to take your anal play to the next level, then the Skippy may be just the thing for you. The box exclaims “This is no ordinary prostate exam!” and I have to admit I don’t recall having this much fun in the doctors!

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