Introducing: J-mo (as in Ask J the ‘mo)

J-mo a go-go!What you need to know about me…hmmm. I’m in my mid (ok- late) thirties which means I’ve been having sex for almost 20 years in countless ways with countless gays. Well, I could count the gays but I’m not really a number cruncher.  I have a background in theatre so I totally understand drama. Later I became a computer dork so I see logical side of things. I’m totally into Miss Manners. I read her column, have an enormous book of hers that I’m working through cover to cover. I would love to be the Miss Manners of Sexual Etiquette, polite yet hot, right? I’m going to do my best to answer your questions from personal experience, much to the mortification/amusement of those who know me. If I don’t know from experience I shall consult with the experts and find out. Oh and since it’s bound to come up sooner or later, I’m Canadian. Love us or hate us we’re totally in your midst. Those are the basics on me, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead, ask.

–What is your favorite sex toy?
I’m a big fan of the vibrating cock ring, especially the Buster which was designed with two guys in mind. If I liked the buzzing cock ring before, I was super happy after Buster… it has the quirky subtitle of “The Taint Teaser” which is a totally dorky name but sometimes dorky things can rock your world.

–What is your first memory of sex?
Ah the first sex memories… they are all so vague and hazy. My parents were cool with running around naked (darned hippies) but I never walked in on them or anything (thank heavens). When I hit puberty and found myself rubbing up against a pillow until I “leaked,” I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I only knew that it felt that good and so must be wrong. Ah the “sex is shameful” early years, so glad they came to an end. Looking back I wish someone had told me a lot sooner that masturbating is totally normal and a swell stress reliever. I’m not sure I would have been able to masturbate any more than I did (it was a lot), but I sure would have felt better about it.

–Will you tell us a funny or embarrassing sex story of your own?

Geez, isn’t accidental masturbation embarrassing enough? I guess not. At the end of my senior year of college I was living with relatives in Austin. I was just beginning the whole coming out process, you know, out to some friends and coworkers but not to the family. I was dating this guy who was also basically living at home. One evening after a movie we found ourselves without a place to get naked, a common situation that we were determined to remedy. It was pretty late and I figured everyone at my place would be asleep so I snuck the boy into my room. It was a snap; everyone was asleep and we were quiet, so it was all systems go. Somewhere between making out and losing most of our clothes, we heard a car pull into the drive and someone coming in the front door.  I knew it was my brother coming home from work. No biggie because my brother and I don’t talk at the best of times so why would he stop by my room after working late. Never underestimate the oddities of your siblings, sure enough he knocks on my door and in a very Three’s Company moment of pure sitcom-y panic I knock the boy off the bed and literally shove him into the closet. Then I nearly injure myself yanking on my shorts (damn zippers) and answered the door. “Hey what’s up” my brother asked. I was concentrating on hiding my hard-on and looking as though I’d been sleeping. “Nothing, just fell asleep with the light on,” I replied, glancing over at the mostly naked boy in the closet. “Just getting home, thought I’d say hi” my brother said. “Oh… hey… well… good night!” I shut the door on him and held my breath as I listened for his footsteps in the hall. Crisis averted, mostly… after a half hour of waiting, it was clear my brother was not moving from the living room to his bedroom so we had to figure out a way to sneak the boy out. Eventually he got dressed and I assisted his climb out the window into the front hedges, and he skulked off into the night, leaving both of us unsatisfied. This is a prime example of poor sexual etiquette.

–What is your favorite sex act?
Do I have to pick just one? Seriously, I’m a big fan of most of the whole range of sex acts out there. If I have to pick I’m going to be all Pollyanna and choose kissing. I think it’s the thing that can really add to a sexual experience. It gives you a good feel for your partner(s), a gauge into how into it they are and a great place to start and finish. I guess that makes me a little orally fixated but so be it.

Got a burning question for J-mo? Email it to eden(at)early2bed(dot)com and he’ll answer it for you!

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