Condom Face-Off: Avanti vs. Lifestyles Skyn

It’s a non-latex condom SMACKDOWN!

In this corner we have the old favorite – Avanti Polyurethane condoms. They’ll be tough to beat – Super thin, and made from high-tech polyurethane, a material that transmits heat better than latex, thus allowing for a more sensitizing fuck, Avantis are the go-to condom for those with latex allergies. They are also one of the widest condoms available on the market, latex or non-latex, and so allow for a comfier fit for those with a little extra in the girth department.

But even Avanti has an Achilles heel – polyurethane is much less stretchy than latex, making them slightly easier to break, and quite a bit more likely to slip.  It also feels just a little too much like fucking a garbage bag… unless you somehow manage to find the Cinderella dick that fits this glass slipper condom precisely. And a three pack of these bad boys runs a not-insignificant $7.50.

Weaknesses or no, can the novice Skyn condom take down the reigning champ?? (Side note: I have no idea why I’m doing this review WWF-style. Just seemed like the thing to do when I started. My apologies.)

In the other corner we have the brand-spanking-new Lifestyles Skyn condom, made of revolutionary synthetic latex (polyisoprene)… but guess what, this synthetic version is waaaay thinner and more sensitizing than all but the very thinnest latex condoms.  It is just a smidge less wide than the Avantis (2.13″ vs 2.36″) but is still wider than most latex condoms (and if you’ve ever gone hunting for a good, larger-sized latex condom, you know they’re usually thicker than your favorite wool sweater. Yuck. Not so Lifestyles Skyn.),  just a smidge longer (7.48″ vs. 7.08″) but much stretchier and less garbage-baggy. And though they are not as blissfully inexpensive as your run-of-the-mill latex numbers, a three pack of Skyn will run you $5.00… a full $2.50 less than Avanti.

Weaknesses – Uh, being super awesome? Oh wait, that’s not a weakness.

Oh! Looks like Avanti is down for the count!

I think you know where my loyalties lie. I don’t even have a latex allergy, and Skyn are my favorite condoms.

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