Carnal Consultant Review: Nexus Glide Prostate Stimulator

by Will Shaking Spear

I came over my head.  I mean, sure, I could have come up with a more articulate opening to this review, but shit.  I actually came over my own head.  I mean, that’s amazing right?  I wouldn’t think most men need more of a sell than that but I suppose if you want more of review I can take a swing at one.  But, for the record I would rather be playing with my new toy.  It’s a pretty awesome buy.  Don’t wait till Christmas.

The Nexus Glide blows the basic Aneros out of the water, in my opinion.  Just a small list of a few of the reasons why: 1.The size is much better.  The larger “business end” takes out any of the guess work for a novice to prostate play (which, sadly, after months of owning the Aneros- I still was). 2. Better instructions (see the website) 3. The taint stimulator has finally been taken to the drawing board and re-conceived and designed. That’s good news for you fellas ’cause now it won’t feel like you got a plastic Spork (registered trade-mark) jabbin you where the sun don’t shine. This model actually has a steel ball bearing that is awesome.  How awesome?  So awesome it gets its own paragraph.  That’s right.

Why a steel ball on a toy? The Nexus Glide has a ball bearing that presses right onto the prostate from the outside.  This can be taken out and cleaned as well as taken out and heated. (Tip- toss the ball and the tube-o-lube in a bowl of warm water right before you play). Let’s take a trip to Geometry land. The round ball mimics the shape of your prostate and what you end up with is a toy that plays a delicate balancing act of bliss on your feel-good buttons.  Think of trying to balance two baseballs on each other (go Cubs).  It won’t happen; two round objects will roll off one another.  Well, now imagine every time you try to balance those balls a shudder of pleasure shoots up your spine.  If that wasn’t enough the very hard steel can be manually pressed deeper into the prostate with a force you would never be able to achieve with our own fingers.

Now, the actual toy is shaped like most other prostate toys.  The larger thick end curves slightly and stimulates the prostate from the inside.  What you end up with is a device that once inserted will basically press and play with your prostate from two ends at the same time. And now I’d like to take a moment to comment about the size.  It isn’t small.  It isn’t huge either.  It’s large enough for me to kind of sit and look at it across the room for a while before I decided I was man enough.  It goes to show you that with enough porn anything is possible.  ANYTHING.  It’s not that bad actually.  What scares you in size is made up for with the fact that once you get used to the toy it basically maneuvers itself.  This is especially great for beginners (or girlfriends) who couldn’t find a prostate if they had a map and a flashlight.

I am making an assumption that most men who are reading the E2B blog have already tapped “the behymen.” Regardless, I think this toy is a fine beginner model and should work just as well for the experienced players.  The only reason I am giving it a 4 out of 5 is that I have never experienced a vibrating toy and I think that might make the orgasm even more effortless to achieve. The company does market a vibrating model but its shape is slightly different.  So, let’s get to the good stuff.

I am not going to write an apologia for the prostate toy.  It is awesome and every guy should be utilizing it.  Gay, straight, single, or otherwise prostate play is worth a second serious look.  With an estimated 50+% of men over the age of fifty contracting prostate problems (higher even in African-American males) why not masturbate cancer away? I don’t think I have ever filled a cheaper scrip.  You and/or your partner should be exploring the prostate before a doctor has to.  I hear it is not a fun experience in the least, and to add insult to injury you have to pay for a medical milking.  So, guys, pick up a toy.

Another good reason to play with the Nexus Glide?  Frankly, it makes me cum like my girlfriend.  I have never had a feeling like this in my life.  Admit it, you’re a little jealous of all those multiple orgasms women can have and the carrying on about how great a full body orgasm feels.  Now you can have a few of your own.
On top of the amazingly different sensation, I developed a sense of understanding and empathy for female orgasm as well.  You have to understand that trying to achieve an orgasm through the use of a toy rather than the “old fashioned way “ is very different.  It can only be described as an agonizing pleasure.  You are trying to catch this sensational orgasm as it hovers around somewhere inside of you.  It’s sometimes hard to tell when it is going to get here, but when it arrives there is no mistaking it.

The toy says it works best if you are lying on your side.  After trying it every which way, I would have to agree.  The close second would be having it in during oral sex.  But hey, what isn’t improved upon with the addition of oral sex?  While trying to learn how to use this little guy I went through a range of sensations.  I was dizzy, I was almost nauseous, I had a period of shallow breathing and blurred vision all the while being teased into false warnings of impending climax.  There were times that I thought I might have actually torn the bedpost apart. Revelling in that moment, that hang time between about to cum and cumming, is what the toy is really all about.  Also, men tend to experience the sensation of a climax only from the waist down and the knees up and that’s all.  We can feel every detail from the wind up to the pitch and that feels great but then it’s over.  However, with this toy I completely lose any presence of mind regarding my own penis.  That is to say, I don’t really ever feel aware of what is happening to it.  I only feel the orgasm and lose all sense of any kind of isolated pleasure.  That’s a great but odd feeling.

I have heard that it is possible to cum through prostate stimulation only, but I am not there yet.  I think this is the toy to make it happen.  Practice makes perfect.  It’s possible to spend a very very very long time with your new toy, but life must happen and bills must be paid. Eventually, I needed to help the toy out a bit and take control with my hands, and it was only a matter of seconds before I was officially pushed over the edge I had been teetering on for so long. That’s is a very different mind set from the typical ninja masturbation that many boys learn at an early age and never really grow out of.

So, in the end I had a great experience with this toy.  So much so I might even ask for an upgrade after a while.  I think it makes a great gift and depending on the couple it might even be a great new addition to the bedroom.  The toy certainly delivered on its promises.  I did something good for my body, my attitude, and I learned a little something about the amazing woman in my life along the way.  Go to the store, go online, and look for the Nexus Glide.  Tell them I sent you.

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